2 units of INWFIFGL001R100 stopped working well. can read values but cannot change values

I have two INWFIFGL001R100 units connected to my GENERAL duct machines since last year.

Last summer they worked perfectly and now we wanted to use the AC again they don’t work.
Both units read the machine values (on/off, set temp., room temp, fan speed,etc…) but cannot control the AC machine and change values.

it is very strange cause we have not change any configuration, not the DIP switch values and anything.

I tryed to reset the wifi configuration and add it again to the AC cloud app but still not working.

What else can I do?

Is there a wired remote? Maybe something has changed with regards to the Header/Follower setting?

Since you appear to be in Spain, if you continue to experience problems I would recommend creating a case with your local office by going to https://support.hms-networks.com.

The thing is why last sunmer both interfaces worked perfectly and now can only read values but not control the AC machines.

Have not changed anything!!!

I’m not sure. I would recommend creating a support case so the local Intesis team can take a look at it.