20144 and 37210 error

I have 20144 pla-System exec error and 37210 usbip-eveusbc registration error simultaneously
The Ewon Flexy 201

All work in ostensibly.

I should i be worried?

@Kevin_hms i see your hold resolution problem for the pla-SYSTEM exec error with another user. I have isolated all command in the cyclic Sectio. But the error the error always reappears after this action

Does this mean there is no code in the cyclic section?

Have you opened a support case at support.hms-networks.com? If this is important, I would recommend that as those cases are prioritized over the forum.

Hi Kyle, yes i have isoled my code with transfort my code to text comment and i have deleted all code in the cyclic Section.

At this moment it’s not serious yet, because everything seems to work

I post this issue just see how to find solution. At this moment i can’t find solution

If it’s not causing a functionality problem, I don’t think there is anything to worry about. It is pretty common to see sporadic errors like this.

ok… I just hate leaving errors hanging without taking action, even if everything works
thanks for your reply

I hear you. You probably shouldn’t ever look in Windows Event Viewer than.