3G sunset, 4G upgrade

We have several Flexy units in the field that are soon subject AT&T sunsetting 3G. If we ship a 4G Flexy card to the field with an active 4G AT&T SIM card, will any additional configuration be required to allow the 4G card to function? In other words, since we would keep the same carrier and since the APN would be the same, theoretically, the 4G card would plug in and immediately go online and start working.

Hi Dean,

Depending on the carrier, it is possible you may need to specify a GSM pin code in the Flexy’s settings to go online. However, if you haven’t needed to do that before, you should be able to just connect the new 4g card and go online immediately. By default, the wireless network type is selected automatically, so it will switch over to 4g and connect as usual with your previous APN setting. To be safe I might double check that that setting hasn’t been changed (the Wireless Network dropdown in the Configuration group on the same page you set the APN).

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Thank you, Hugh. We have 15-20 4G Flexys that were never 3G and the 4G setup does seem identical so I suspect the transition will be fine.

UPDATE: We performed our first upgrade of a 3G eWON FLB3202 card with a 3G AT&T SIM card. The upgrade was to a 4G eWON FLB3205 card with a 5G* AT&T SIM card. The upgrade was performed without any need to reconfigure the eWON since the APN for the 5G SIM card is Broadband, the same as the 3G SIM card.

*Originally we expected AT&T to send us 4G SIM cards but we instead received 5G cards.

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