4G Cosy 131 EC6133H with 3G antenna

Hi. I have a 3G Cosy 131, with what appears to be the stock antenna (FAC90501_0100). I am ordering a 4G Cosy 131 (EC6133H), which doesn’t come with an antenna. Is the 3G antenna the same one I can use with the 4G Cosy? Do I have to get a new one?

Thank you!


There are some differences with the 3G and 4G antennas, generally speaking most of the 4G antennas can be used with the 3G devices but not the other way around. I’d check and make sure that the frequency bands that are used by the cell provider are ones that can be reached with the antenna before going further

Hi Tim,

I appreciate your feedback. I think it will be easiest for us just to order the stock 4G antenna.

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