AB-7072-B Installed on machine. IP resets on power cycle

I have a machine that was delivered with an AB-7072-B Anybus Communicator. I used IPconfig to connect, and it read the device MAC address and listed an existing IP of I changed this to the IP I wanted, and kept the DHCP off. When I power cycle the gateway, the IP reverts to I read this back using IPconfig. Does this mean there might be a configuration in the unit that overwrites the IP I tried to set? Do I need to connect with the ACM software to change an IP perhaps? This machine came from Japan with horrible documentation, so I am working through this.

I forgot to add that there is already a serial cable connected to the bottom of the gateway. This goes to a serial communications board on this machine. This may have been pre-configured, and I think I just need to adjust the IP. It might get more complex later, but initially, I am concerned about getting the IP set and retained.

Hi @SteveA,

Yes, you are exactly correct. The IP address is probably set in the configuration file. You will need the PC configuration cable, which is an RJ11 to DB9, so you will also probably need a USB-to-serial cable. The documentation and software are available on the Product Downloads page. You’ll have to install the Anybus Configuration Manager and either make or order a PC config cable. It’s Anybus part number 018860.

Excellent! Thank you. I was able to upload the config file, which has been setup by the OEM, and I simply had to change the IP in the file and re-download. The new IP is maintained after a power cycle. I am curious… I noticed that although IPConfig and ACM show me the correct IP address, I was not able to ping from my laptop. I was setup on the same network with a static IP. I am suspecting that either I needed a crossover cable, or perhaps the module is not a transparent gateway that responds to pings. This is an AB7072-B.

It’s not transparent between the Ethernet/IP and serial networks, but it should respond to pings on the Ethernet/IP network after the IP address has been configured.