AB 7318 troubleshooting

Is there a tutorial on how to use the AnyBus configuration manager software to troubleshoot the canbus signals? I can connect to the module via the USB port, but I have no idea what I’m looking at when I get there. Canbus is new to me. I have three radio remote receivers in a series canbus configuration. Two work fine, one I’m having issues with. (the middle node if that matters) I’ve already changed all the physical devices.

I have an Anybus AB7318 can/ethernet comm module that receives can communication from HBC remote control receivers. (three receivers to be exact) The #5LED; can subnet status flashes green. The paperwork indicates it should be green, off, red, or flashing red. Says nothing about flashing green. I suspect it is a problem with a setting on the remote receiver, but i can’t confirm as yet. Anyone know what flashing green indicates?

The flashing green LED 5 mean that not all transactions have been executed at least once since startup and no transaction error/timeout has occurred. It seems something is wrong with the transactions. There is a guide for the Anybus Configuration Manager software here:

Sections 7 through 12 all deal with the software and should give you a much better idea of how to troubleshoot the issue. If you are still having issues or have any questions after looking that over, please let me know.


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