AB-7832 with a DP/DP Coupler


Hi Kevin,

If your DP/DP coupler allows it, you should be able to do a Slave-to-Slave configuration.

If it does require a master, then you would need an Anybus AB7800.

However, before purchasing anything, can you see if it would be possible for us to take a look at the setup through teamviewer to see if we can help?



Good Morning Tim,
Thanks for your response and all of your help so far. I got the part info for the coupler. It is a Siemans DP/DP coupler, release 2. Part # 6es7 158-0AD01-0XA0. I tried to find info on if it is slave-slave compatible on the Siemans site with no luck so far.

As far as the team viewer idea goes, it may be possible I will have to ask the customer if there is anyway I could be allowed onto a guest network to do so and get back to you.



Thanks Kevin,

Let me know what you find out


Hi Kevin

Just wanted to see if there was any update on this?



Hi Tim

Haven’t been able to get on site to look at this set-up and my schedule with the customer is still in limbo. The customer does have a guest network I could be given access to if we still wanted to look through via Team Viewer whenever I do end up back there.

Thanks for your support so far.


Ok Thanks Kevin,

Let me know if you need any help again. I’m going to mark this post solved for now, but feel free to respond to the post again hen you get more info.