AB7003-B Populate TPDOs



I have an AB7003-B Gateway that is supposed to connect an RS-232 device to a CANopen device. The devices are all communicating with eachother, but the TPDOs that the Gateway is sending to the CAN master are not being populated with the RS-232 data being received from the sub-network device. Using the logging tool in the config program shows the data being received from the subnet, and the CANopen network is operating properly. The TPDOs are being sent, but the data bytes are all zero. Config being used on the gateway is attached, data from the config log tool is also attached. log.txt (24.7 KB)
SCT Config.cfg (16.0 KB)



Does the data show up in the node monitor or is it missing here? If the offline option for the consume is set to freeze do you see any data? Try disabling the end character this could be causing issues and preventing the communicator from pulling in the data.



Hi Deryck,

Disabling the end character in the sub-network settings fixed it. I think the issue was both the subnetwork setting and the consume data were looking for the same value. Looks like everything is working now.

Thank you