AB7007-C Status word


I am trying to get feedback from the AB7007-C Communicator with an Allen Bradley PLC. I have the I/O registers working as they should and see the control and status registers, but cannot get the status to give me anything sensible. I have tried to follow the handshaking procedure , but with no results. I have set it up as a Master mode, with control/status word as enable but no startup lock No matter what I do I get 0x018 all the time in the status word coming back to me , and nothing like the 0x00-0x04, or 0x1F in bits 8 to 12. I have tried to change the send and confirm bits in different sequences and nothing. Can you please help me understand how to get the status word to update, and what I maybe doing wrong?

One more thing, I only have one node on the communicator.

Typically if the status word is not updating something correctly often the wrong bit is being used for the CR_HS_CONFIRM and CR_HS_SEND. Try reversing the Byte order or Endeness.

Thank-you. I found that the CR_HS_CONFIRM and CR_HS_SEND were on bits 6 and 7 of my word at the PLC level.

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Great! glad to hear it is working.