AB7007 max number of commands


Good afternoon,

I set up some modifications on a AB7007 gateway (Serial Modbus to Ethernet IP).
I don’t manage to add more than 55 commands (all the commands are read holding registers).

Is it possible to send more requests ?

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How many bytes of memory are you using. There is a max of 500 bytes so that may be the wall you are up against.


Currently, we are using 260 bytes of memory.

When I try to add a new transaction in Anybus Configuration Manager, I got an error in the software. I have tried to set up a new configuration with this software, and I notice that I have the same error when I want to create more than 55 transactions.

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Can you please send me your configuration file?


Here are the files.

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Unfortunately, you are exceeding the file size by a combination of the transactions and nodes, but you can combine some of those transactions to make more space. Most of the ones I looked at are only reading 2 registers, and there is a separate transaction to read the next 2 registers, etc.