AB7013-C - Coils and Discrete input

I have a AB7013-C and have to read / write 4 identical datasets from a Modbus node.
I can read / write data in holding registers, read data from Input registres, but get errors when I try read / write on Coils and Discrete input.

It is single Coils and Discrete input and the adresse is shown below.



The Profinet interface is set up with 1 x 32 byte input / output and 3 x 32 byte input

So how to set up read / write for single Coils and Discrete input?

You should just need to configure the AB7013-C to read from the addresses of the coils and discrete inputs, the same as with values in other ranges.

What kinds of errors do you get when trying to read from the coils and discrete inputs?

Can you share a copy of your configuration file?

I get no data to Modbus node.
I can see the data in the “output” from Profinet, but no data is write to Modbus

The command is “Control” and “Run_Status”

Configuration file is here:
KCR-128n.cfg (16.0 KB)
KCR-128n.cfx (13.3 KB)

Have you had a chance to look at the configuration I uploaded.
I still have the problem with the lack of read / write function and have tried to find the cause.

It is only 1 bit that must change value, but in the configuration software the setting is in bytes.