AB7013 communication unstable


I have a issue with AB7013 (Profinet IO to Modbust RTU Master). When I set the bit on Profinet site I can see that bit on Modbus RTU site is set and reset all time until bit on Profinet site has been reset.
I have tested the query by “cyclically” or “on data change” but it doesn’t work.
I activated the “Control/Status word” in mode “Enabled but not startup lock” but it didn’t help too.

PLC connected directlly to Modbus RTU device wthout AnyBus converter works fine.

Have anyone seen that issue before?

Hello @Adrian_Grobelak,

This seems like it could be a timeout issue where a disconnect is changing the value back to 1. If the time out is on the anybus side you could try enabling the freeze option.