AB7072-B to Danfoss EKE 347 Bench Testing Question


I am bench testing the AB7072 to a Danfoss EKE 347 Level Controller. I am starting with reading just a single register from the EKE347. Danfoss PNU 3005 which corresponds to Modbus address 3004 (Dec) in the AB7072 query.

Subnet Log File / Node Monitor Command Sent shows the Correct value of 85 in the response.

I have a ControlLogix connected to the AB7072 without Error. Reading only zero.
Node Monitor shows only zero within your Input Data Block.

LEDs 1 and 2 solid green, 3 off, 4 Pulsing Green, 5 RED Solid, 6 Pulse Slowly

Can’t see how the command would be failing and causing the RED light.

Attaching Configuration and Log File for your review.

Thank you for any assistance.

14 Sept 2020.cfg (16.0 KB) ACM CONFIG.cfx (501 Bytes) log.txt (4.8 KB)

Hi @Windchill,

2 things:

First, the IO size for the Fieldbus is incorrect, I would recommend just changing IO Sizes to Automatic:

Second, the data size is wrong in the Response. Change to 2 bytes:

See if fixes that fixes the issue for you.


I am bench testing a setup with the AB7072 to the Danfoss EKE 347. RS485 Modbus RTU configuration. ControlLogix using the AB7072 EDS for Ethernet Device.

I am trying to read just a single integer. The ControlLogix and Node Monitor only shows zero for the cyclic reads.

I have verified via the Node Monitor manual message sends and the Log File that the message data is returned correctly.

I can also write correctly to the Danfoss though it isn’t in the attached configuration.

ControlLogix shows no errors in the connection.

LED Lights 1 and 2 on solid Green
LED 3 off (No Ethernet Connection to Input Port)
LED 4 Green Blinking Fast (Ethernet Connection to Output Port)
LED 5 Red Solid
LED 6 Green Blinking slowly

Configuration looks good to me. Query and Response configured for 1 register / 2 bytes.

Only zeros ever cyclically received. Manual command / log shows good data.

Any suggestions with why LED 5 is red and all zeroes?

Thanks and here are my files…
14 Sept 2020.cfg (16.0 KB) ACM CONFIG.cfx (501 Bytes) log.txt (5.7 KB)

See my post above, your Fieldbus size and Subnet Response sizes are wrong. (1 byte instead of 2). Change Fieldbus sizes to auto and Response size to 2 bytes and it should fix the issue.


Sorry for the double post of question.

Made your suggested changes and LED 5 is nicely green.

Increased ControlLogix from size 1 SINT to 2 SINT and data comes through nicely.

Thank you for the help.

Great – glad it’s working!

Please let us know if you have any other questions.