AB7072 loses communications (almost) every time I download

I have an AB7072 talking DF1 to a PLC-5. Customer called me in because it was reading all 0s from the PLC N registers even though the registers actually have numbers in them. Any time I make a configuration change and download to the Anybus unit I lose communications with the Anybus and have to reboot it in order to get reconnected. Any ideas? I have another unit with an identical configuration talking to an identical PLC-5 and that one works.

What is the status of the LEDs when this occurs?

When you say that you lose communications, is that on the fieldbus side, serial side, or in the configuration manager (via USB)?

What is the serial number of the device?

LEDs were:

1 - blinking red
2 - solid red
3 - rapid green
4 - off
5 - solid red
6 - blinking green

I had tried downloading the config of the other unit, so I think I’d caused an IP conflict. I lost communications from config manager to the communicator whenever I downloaded. I don’t know why an IP conflict would cause that symptom though. I corrected the IP conflict and it seems to be working now.

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