AB7318 Network Type Error/Configuration Error


I have an AB7318. I’m configuring it with Anybus Configuration Manager I have attached pictures of the status error and my network setup. I’m unable to connect to this device over Ethernet/EIP, both with PC and with Rockwell PLC. The Device Status light is flashing between red and green. I had previously set the IP address of the device but am no longer to find the device in IPconfig tool.

Drop Down Selection
Network Selection

Couple of additional points. The part number is actually AB7318-2. When I try to “Download Configuration to Device”, I get a message saying “Fieldbus type is incorrect!”. I believe this should be referring to the network, but I am not positive since I cannot find any other description that is labeled “fieldbus”.

You are not able to communicate with the device because it doesn’t have a configuration downloaded yet.

What is the serial number of the device?

Serial Number : A053AD97

I’m unable to download the configuration to the device because “Fieldbus type Incorrect”. I have the Ethernet/IP + Modbus-TCP configuration selected. There is no Ethernet/IP only option available.

Yes, you are selecting the correct Fieldbus Type, “Ethernet/IP + Modbus-TCP”.

It sounds like the firmware on this device might be corrupted. I would suggest reinstalling the firmware using the instructions attached. You can download the firmware and the firmware tool “Firmware Download TP” from the Product Support Page here.

FWDL instructions Communicator CAN SCM-1300-006_1_00.pdf (240.6 KB)

If the device can’t be recovered with a firmware update, we can RMA it. You’ll have to create a case at https://support.hms-networks.com to submit the RMA. Thank you for your patience with this issue.

Also, are you able to upload the configuration file from the Communicator and share it with me here?

Loaded_Configuration.hcg (3.8 KB)

Here is the current loaded configuration on the device.

I’m attempting to flash the firmware on the device. I press start, cycle power, the status bar goes to 100%, then refreshes to ~10% with the status note "Downloading Anybus - S Ethernet/IP 2 Port on Anybus Communicator CAN 1.07.0(2? window cuts most of this character off). After about 30 seconds in this state I get the Error popup stating “Failed to Download Firmware”.

This device has two ethernet ports, right?

I’m wondering if this has the wrong fieldbus module (wrong label). You could try downloading with another fieldbus type set, like Modbus TCP, or Profinet, for example, to test the theory.

Yes, there are two ethernet ports on the front of the module.

Each network type provided the “Fieldbus Type Incorrect” message, with the exception of CC-link which said “Configuration not valid”.

When online with the module (under diagnostics/status), it matches the serial number is listed on the label.

Can you try CC-Link while making sure the “System Area” is disabled?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Anybus Configuration Manager?

Also, can you create a case at https://support.hms-networks.com as we may have to RMA the device.

Nevermind, I see that you already created the case. We have sent you the RMA instructions so you can proceed with getting the device replaced. Thanks for your patience in dealing with this problem and I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

We are up and running and able to produce data to a PCan dongle running on a PC.

Now, we are running into an issue with the consume data. I’m unable to read inputs and am not seeing anything on the bus. Any suggestions?

Figured it out, it was our consistency check setting. We were only checking data on one Frame before sending everything!

Is this with the replacement device?