AB7629 Profibus to Modbus TCP Gateway setup - Attn: Kyle

Hi Kyle,

Below is my contact info. This is in regards to initial setup of the AB7629 Gateway (Profibus slave/Modbus TCP Server).

Thanks for your help.

Hi Yokhana,

Everything you will need is located at AB7629 Product Page. There is a lot of stuff there, so I’ll tell you what is most important.

Make sure to Download the Anybus Config Manager (ABCM), NetTool, the Transport Provider, and IPConfig:


Connect your laptop to the X-Gateway with the included USB cable (for uploading and downloading configuration from the Anybus Configuration Manager) and an ethernet cable (for downloading the configuration from NetTool for PROFIBUS). You can use the IPConfig utility to set the IP address.

You can use the Application Note for NetTool as a guide for setting up the Profibus side. Make sure that you have the GSD files for all of your PROFIBUS slaves to import. The Network Guide - PROFIBUS Master is also a good reference.

The Network Guide - Ethernet Slave can look intimidating, but for the Modbus TCP setup you should only need to read Chapters 1, 3, and 5 which is only 9 pages.

I would recommend uploading the configuration from the X-gateway first, so that you start with the default config in ABCM. Make sure to take note of the COM port in the Windows Device manager when you connect.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any problems.

Thank you!


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