AB7632 - unable to write to ModbusTCP output buffer from robot


Hi Steve,

Let me know if you have any luck with this and I will touch base tomorrow to follow up.


  • Robot was sending Function code 16 (verified with Wireshark)
  • It is able to write to MB Simulator on PC
  • Tried different addressing modes



You said you were going to check with your colleague to see if he had any better thoughts on this communications. Did you guys find anything? I’ve had no further luck. Please let me know ASAP as this issue is quite important. Thanks and take care!



Did you give me a copy of the cfg file?


Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay. I just left you a voicemail. I wanted to let you know that i will be out this afternoon, but Deryck is the one that I was going to have take a look at the config. I was going to show him the cfg file beofre hand but could not locate it, so maybe I never downloaded. If you can call back this afternoon and ask for Deryck he should be able to assist you one this one: 312-893-5636.