AB7649 Electronic Keying Mismatch - Studio 5000

I have an AB7649 used to communicate between our 1756-L81ES controller and the customers Seimens PLC. I keep getting a (Code 16#0114) Electronics Keying Mismatch: Electronic Keying product code and/or vendor ID mismatch. If the Electronic keying is disabled, a (Code 16#0005) Connection Request Error: Bad Class. I have tried different ways to structure the data but changing the size of data or the data type (SINT/DINT) does not appear to give any different results

Here is the Configuration file sent from the customer and loaded on the unit.

Here is the General Status of the unit

Connection Screen from Module in Studio 5000

Structuring Tags to match the config file (SINT)

Structuring Tags to the “desired” (DINT) Structure

Are you using the EDS File for the AB7649 to add the gateway to the RSLogix project?

We have instructions for using the EDS file to add the gateway to the project here.

If you want to add the gateway as a Generic IO device, follow the instructions here.

Please delete the gateway and re-add it to the project using one of the above methods.

I am setting up two ethernet/Ip adapters one is working the other one is giving me electronic keying mismatch. this is for a rockwell project and I am using a generic module so I can’t change the version on the rockwell side. How do I disable keying or change the module number?

Hi @Dentamo_Dallelo_Abra,

Rockwell would be able to provide you with the best information about this as it’s using their Generic Ethernet device profile, not our EDS file.

Are you able to use the EDS file instead? What version of RSLogix are you using?

Hello, I am using HMS ethernet gateway for two different machines one of them is set up and working but the other is saying electronic keying mismatch, I cannot disable keying because the properties window for generic module doesn’t allow. Somehow the version on one of them says 3 . the other one says v 0. verion 0 is working but version 3 is not. what’s the best approach to solve this? Need an answer ASAP since I am at a customer’s site

Hi @Dentamo_Dallelo_Abra,

For a quicker response in the future, please use our ticketing system at support.hms-networks.com.

What is the article number of the Anybus Gateway in question?

Are you able to provide the serial numbers for both gateways?

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your input. I had to go offline and create the generic module and that somehow changed the version number on the gateway. Originally the module was created while the processor was online.

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