AB7649 Setting IP Address and Configuration


Hi Andy,

Follow this link to the product page and scroll down to the ‘Software’ section:


You will want to download ‘HMS IPconfig - Utility’ for setting the IP Address. It’s a very simple utility that scans the network to locate the device, once it’s found click it and it will let you change the IP and click Apply.

If you need to set the I/O size, Control/Status word, etc. you will want to also download and install the ‘Anybus Transport Provider’ (driver) and ‘Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway’ (ABCM, configuration software). You’ll connect to the gateway with the USB cable, start the ABCM, select your COM port, click connect, then UPLOAD the configuration from the device, make adjustments, and finally download the configuration to the device.

Please respond directly to this email or call me at 312-893-5636 if you have any questions.