AB7652-F connect with Yokogawa Profibus-DP ALP121 (Offline red light)


I need your advice,…
Does anyone here by any changes have established the AB7652-F Profibus-DP slave connected with Profibus-DP ALP121 Yokogawa?

I’ve download the GSD file HMSB1831.gsd
and set the DIP nodes based on the required station number…

Still the offline (lower side) is red light
is there anything else should i do?

Hi @arif13,

I don’t have experience with this exact configuration, but it should work as long as the Yokogawa device is acting as a Class 1 Profibus-DP Master.

To determine the problem, you would have to refer to error messages in the master’s configuration software.

Could you please to share the link for download GSD File HMSB1831.gsd sir?

You can download the GSD file from the Product Download Page.