AB7668-F Cannot ping through gateway

I am trying to get a DMG Mori Lathe to communicate with a UR Robot, but they use different input and output sizes, so I need a gateway to translate for them.

I think I have the gateway set up correctly, but I cannot ping from the scanner side of the gateway to the adapter side (and vice versa).

The gateway is set for for the scanner side, and on the adapter side.

The Lathe is plugged into the adapter and can ping, but it can’t find or the robot (

The robot is plugged into the scanner and can ping, but can’t ping or the lathe (

This is my first time doing something like this, so I suspect I’m missing something obvious.

Hi @RyanP,

The X-Gateway is not a transparent gateway, meaning that it does not allow you to directly communicate between devices on each side. They exchange data using a shared memory space. This is why you can’t send a ping across the gateway, only data.


Since the AB7668 has an EIP Scanner and an EIP server/slave, you will have to configure the X-Gateway’s scanner side to communicate with your EIP server/slave, and then configure your EIP scanner to communicate with the X-Gateway’s EIP server/slave side.