AB7845 CRC error


APP_ABX_1508_V_1_34_01.hms (114.5 KB)


I have a problem with this anybus (attached in pictures).

I need a valid CRC firmware.

Have a nice day,

AB7845 firmware file


Hello @pozytron21,

It looks like you are getting the CRC error from the gateway. After you transfer the firmware the device check the file, this error is saying it did not pass. Can you provide more info about the issue? What issues were you having with the gateway that required you to download firmware? Where did you get the firmware?



Due to a short circuit the old one burned down. I have all the files from those who installed it together with an installation procedure. I cannot proceed to the next step, to upload the main.bin file.


Hello @pozytron21,

If this is a new device you shouldn’t need to download firmware with Hyperterminal. You should be able to download the .hcg file to the device Using Configuration manager. If you don’t have this configuration file you can create a new configuration and download this.
Once the configuration is downloaded you will need to set the MAC and Node ID with the rotary switches. If you PLC are still setup for they should reconnect.

If not you can follow the two application notes on the files and documents page for the device to re-add them to your PLC’s.



I need to update it in java, because the file you are running is a * .bin provided by the integrator. In the meantime, the specialized person left and I was left with a Java update procedure, plus the files I have to upload. From HMS Anybus I have the BL_ABX_ABC_1508_V_1_20_01.hms files that I uploaded, and when uploading the APP_ABX_1508_V_1_34_01.hms file, I get an invalid CRC error. The procedure was done for an Anybus AB7845-B and now I have an Anybus AB7845-F.


a newer version of APP may be needed for this model.
Thank you for your time and support



Hello @pozytron21,

Thank you for your patience. Looking into the issue it seems like this might be due to the bootloader file you are using is for an older version of the x-gateway. In the Java API zip folder on the following site you will find an updated version of the files you are using including the bootloader. Can you download and give these a try? They are located in files > JAVA Native Firmware folder. https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/anybus-legacy-products?ordercode=Legacy



I found the files, I understood the update procedure but I am locked in the hyperterminal. I tried BL_1.22, APP_ABX_1.34, APP_ABX_1.38 and all gave me “invalid CRC”.
I think I need to put a valid CRC firmware (* .hms) and then format it and upload BL_1.22 with APP_ABX_1.38.