AB7961 Setup Help?

I have a Mitsubishi FX5U-32M PLC with 3 MR-JE-40C servos. Our system will be used in a robot cell, and needs to convey some information to the customers system, who is the EtherCAT side of things. They want to know RPM, torque values, position ,etc, of things on our system…

It was recommended to us we use an Anybus X-gateway – CC-Link IE Field Slave - EtherCAT Slave (AB7961).

Also, I recently was told by a third party that we should have gotten the AB9000, which is a modbus Tcp client / ethercat instead. The FX5U cannot work with the AB7961. Can someone confirm?

I see a few YouTube videos on configurations, but unfortunately none on the Mitsubishi side i found. I’ve only been using Mitsubishi for about 2 years, but know my way around GX Works 3 pretty well, with several projects under my belt. I come from the Rockwell world with EDS Files and tag based setups, and for the life of me cant figure out where to start with this AnyBus.

I’ve gone to the support page, got all the downloads and software, and gotten online with the Anybus. As far as beginning to setup the Anybus in GX Works side, to setup what registers i want to send, im lost…

Is there any more information or guides out there that can help me?

Thanks for your time!


Is your device the FX5u device? Is this talking CC-Link? I don’t have any info on adding the gateway to that PLC but would expect it to be possible. it should be similar to other CC-link devices add to the PLC. Section 3 of the cc-link network guide provides info on the data exchange and how the cyclic data is handled. You will set the gateways size using Anybus configuration manager then use the table to determine the CC-Link points size.


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