"ABC not compatible with configuration" error


Question: I have an AB7001 Modbus RTU to DeviceNet Gateway and I receive an error when trying to download a configuration to the ABC Device that reads: “The ABC is not compatible with this configuration”. I am using Version and the configuration that I am trying to load is currently the one I the device.

Have you properly set the Fieldbus type (DeviceNet) and IO size in the ABCM?

Can you please share with me the configuration file and serial number of the device?

Thank you,


AB7001 error "ABC not compatible with configuration"

Hi Kyle,

The Fieldbus type is set to DeviceNet and the IO size is set to Automatic. I have also tried to set the IO size as user defined but the software throws another error that the size does not match.

I have uploaded the configuration file, screenshot of the about showing the device firmware versions and the Serial number is: A0190C0C5

RajLUFP9 - FKR Intake 32U0-MCC-001.cfg (16.0 KB)
LUFP9 - FKR Intake 32U0-MCC-001.cfx (5.4 KB)


Hi Raj,

You are getting the error because that device is not a AB7001 and appears to be custom made. What machine did this come with? Do you have a picture of the device?



Actually, I think what happened is that you gave me the serial for just the fieldbus side…

Can you take a picture of the label on the device?