ABC3013 - Profinet communication

Hello everyone,

 I´m tring to configure 2 anybus ABC3013 as a Profinet IO device for a Siemens S7-400 PLC. The Siemens project was developed with PCS7 v9.

 The Modbus part of ABC3013 was configured without any problems and all slave devices are sending data to the anybus gateway. But profinet communication has not been established with the PLC. The led Profinet on the anybus are flashing to indicate time out connection.

 I looked for some help on HMS Forum, but that was nothing specific for this anybus model. The videos I found on HMS web site are for TIA Portal software. I tried to configure the Siemens PCS7 project as simliar as possible comparing to the support video that I found, but still didn´t work. 

 Are you aware of any configuration that needs to be done to be able to communicate with a Siemens PLC? I just inserted the CP and created a profinet network, with no other changes to the configuration. The gsd file used is in revision 2.41. The total byte size on Profinet communication is 184 Bytes, so there should be no problem with Siemens.

 I appreciate any help you can provide!!!

Hello @poledan ,

I dont think we have any documentation specific for PCS7. I would verify it can setup a Profinet network with Profinet IO connections. Were their any step you could not complete? Are their any errors?

The general setup for profinet devices should be the same no mater the device/software. The program should be setup a connection to a device using the GSD file setting the size to match how the Communicator is configured this needs to be associated with a device name. The communicators interface also needs to be assigned the device name. This is often done within the software or another profinet config tool.