Hi Experts,

I am using ABC3061-A to convert custom serial protocol to EtherCAT. The serial device should respond to the command send form EtherCAT master side. the variable data size of within the response frame from serial device is not constant and it varies from command to command from 3 to 6 bytes, I need help to define the transactions for the consume and produce.

This would actually be a Custom Request/Response type of transaction since the command is sent from the EtherCAT side and the serial device is expected to respond.

You should create a template with Constants for SM, ID CMD (as long as these don’t change - if they do, they would be Data with a length of 1) and create a variable data field of one byte for LEN and of 3-6 bytes for DATAn. You can then add the Checksum and either use a stop character, or add another byte constant for EM.

I’m not sure of the size of the response, but you could use Data or Variable Data for that.

You can find documentation and how to videos here: Downloads and Documentation (

Hi Kyle, Thanks for your response.

There are some commands to write data to the serial side, so not all commands have a response, that’s why I was wondering about using the produce and consume type of transactions

You can leave the response empty.

Kyle, Thank you for your guidance,

I will try this way


I apologize, but I believe you will get an error if you leave the response blank because the gateway will be looking for a response. In this case you will have to use the Custom Produce/Consume.