ABC3090-A Communicator LED inidcators blinking red

According to the startup guide for the ABC3090-A model, a blinking LED on the gateway indicates an invalid configuration. I have attempted to reset the device using the designated reset button, but the LED continues to blink. Consequently, I am unable to access the web interface to make any adjustments. Power-cycling the device has also proven unsuccessful.

The issue originated after I uploaded two configuration files to the ABC3090-A model. These files
EXact MTCP anybus gateway_25042019.cfg (16.0 KB)
EXact MTCP anybus gateway_25042019.cfx (197 Bytes)

they were originally used for the now-discontinued AB7007-C model.

I have also attempted to revert the device to its factory settings by executing the following procedure:

  1. Turn off the device’s power.
  2. Press and maintain pressure on the reset button.
  3. While continuing to hold the reset button, restore power to the device.
  4. Reboot the device (I am unaware of any methods to reboot the device other than power cycling).

Despite these efforts, the gateway’s LED indicator continues to display a blinking red light.

Did you make sure to flash the correct firmware for the Serial to Ethnernet/IP module?

Hi @AhmedAbdirashidahmed,

We will close the thread for now because you are working with your local support team at, but feel free to update the thread once you have a solution.