ABCC-B40-ModbusTCP: What are the initial-values the abcc-b40 will provide as slave after start?


I am using a ABCC-B40-ModbusTCP-Module and I wanted to know what the initial-values for all modbus-registers are after a fresh start/boot of the abcc-b40?

Do the internal application on the B40 first requests the initial-values from the host-application for the relevant process-data before allowing modbustcp-masters to connect to it? Or do the modbusTCP-slave allows connections of possible modbus-masters before requesting the values in the host-application for the first time?

This information is important for me to decide what the best-pactice would be for the possible modbus-masters, because depending on what the initial-values are, it could be possible that the first values are not valid and should be ignored after start/boot of the module.

I hope someone can answer me this question.

Thank you and best regards