ABCC-B40-ProfinetIRT - Init Problem?


I’ve a (initialisiation?) problem with a abcc-b40-profinet module. The ADI’s and their values are correctly visible in the webinterface of the module,
but i do no get these values into a b&r-profinet controller (X20IF10E1_1).

I’m using the ABCC-Lite Driver and adopted it (the same code, i’ve successfully used with a abcc-b40-modbustcp module)

The Profinet-Diagnose (Hilscher NetX) in B&R-AutomationStudio, shows:
Configured Slaves=1
Active Slaves=1
Slaves in Diagnostic Mode=1

It seems, that the module is in diagnostic mode - whatever this means (see Pictures)

The module is ok, because i’ve testet it with the ABCC-Starterkit and VisualStudio example-code.

My question is:
Is it possible to realize this with the abcc-lite driver ?

If yes:
What do i have to change in int the abcc-lite driver - what is missing for profinet-communication/initialisiation?

GSDML-V2.34-Schaller Messtechnik GmbH-LFTD2020-20210113.xml (28.0 KB)

I have a problem with the ABCC-B40 Profinet and Lite-Driver (Serialmode).

In my opinion, the Modul is correctly initialised. I can see the correct ADI-values in the webinterface of the anybusmodule but i don’t get the values in the B&R-Profinet Master (X20IF10E1_1).
It’s also possible to generate the GSDML-File with the "HMS Profinet GDS Generator Tool’.

I already adopted the Anybus Lite-Driver for using with ABCC-B40 ModbusTCP

GSDML-V2.34-Schaller Messtechnik GmbH-LFTD2020-20210113.xml (28.0 KB)

Hello @Alexander_Weber,

I combined your two topics as they looked related.

The Lite-Driver is a old driver intended for the m30. I am not sure if it is supported by the M40’s. I recommend opening a case on so we can forward this issue to the developers for further info regarding the compatibility. However, seeing data in the web interface indicated it is communicating with the host. Right now I don’t suspect this is where you issue is.

Looking at the first two pictures I am not sure I understand exactly what I am looking at the Header seems to indicate you are connecting to a Netx device not a compactcom.

Do you have another master you can test with? It seems like there could be an issue with how the device is configured in the master. I am not familiar with this software so I’m not sure what could be wrong. Do you have process data mapped?
The second screen shot shows there is diagnostic info, not necessarily in diagnostic mode. I would expect there to be a way to read the error and get an idea what is preventing the process data from being read.

For your Information:
The Software is now working. The Problem was, that the GSD-Generator was not able to create a correct GSD-File for my device with the abcclite-driver. So I used the Visual-Studio example+GSD-Generator to create the correct file.

Thanks for following up and glad to hear you have it working.