ABCC-M40-EIP in Mitsubishi MR-J4 -- Estiblish connection via Explicit messaging

We have been trying to establish a Connection between an MR-J4 servo and Lab View software using IEP Explicit messaging. We cannot establish a connection to the servo to allow the Operation Enable. What needs to be done to establish the Network Connection to allow solid green on Network Status LED? The servo will accept the enable voltage and ready to switch on and acknowledge in the status word. WireShark indicates working CIP protocol and reply’s.

Hello @rriedel,

You might need to reach out to the manufacturer (Mitsubushi Electric) to help diagnose this issue. If you are seeing CIP messages back and forth it seems the compactcom is operational. Mitsubushi would know how they have the module configured.


The solution to this issue is to use a “Forward_Open” explicit command to create a CIP connection. Then the Status and Network Indicators go solid green to allow the drive to enable.

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@rriedel are you able to describe or provide an image of this setup? We are experiencing the same issue? I am familiar with the Mitsubishi servo MR-J4-TM-EIP but not LabView software and setup. Any details would be very helpful.