About AB7649-F Ethernet/IP to Profinet IO

I am setting up the ab7649 Ab plc to siemens plc using the anybus configuration manager. Is there another piece of software that i need? How do i load the GSDML file? The anybus configuration manager has no slots to set the bytes only an over all input and output size

Hi @srementer,

The GSDML file should be loaded in TIA Portal or whichever software you are using to configure the Profinet network. Our App Note here explains the process for TIA Portal.

You can find other App Notes as well as the AB7649 documentation and software on the Product Page.

Because this is a slave/slave interface, the only software that you need to configure the Anybus is the Anybus Configuration Manager - X-Gateway (and Transport Provider driver) to set the I/O sizes, control/status word, etc. The Ethernet/IP and PROFINET networks are both set up using the software for their respective controllers. The EDS file for the Eth/IP network is here.

Got it thank you

You’re welcome