AC Cloud Control Down?

I have five IS-IR-WIFI unites. Today, they all showed up as having no connectivity from the Intesis AC Cloud Control web console. They are all on my wireless network, and I can ping them.

I’ve tried restarting the units, my access points, my router and my cable modem. All other devices on my network are functioning as expected. Can someone let me know if there is a problem on the cloud side?

For reference, here is the MAC for one of the units: 00:1d:c9:a2:a0:6f

Thank you

Hello @ridiz,

We did have a server issues where some customers devices were offline it was resolved over the weekend and all devices should be reconnected now.


Thank you. Yes, the devices came back the next day.

Great to hear! Thanks for following up.

Has something similar happened again? I am unable to get connection on my IS-RC-WiFi-1-V2 today.

There are no know issues at this time.

Just chiming in to say that my units are all currently online.