AC Cloud Control - Sample Home Schedule

I just set-up the winter schedule (patterns/actions/rules) for our new Fujitsu Heat Pumps. I’m wondering if anyone has a sample schedule for winter/summer vacations and a summer schedule or suggestions for how to switch from one schedule to another over the year?


We don’t have any sample set up as climates do vary.

However, I would take a look at Patterns. Patterns allow to set up to 10 actions on a calander day. You can then modify the patterns for certain time frames on the calender year.

Please note: Only one pattern can be assigned on a single today, but you can assign up to 10 actions.

I would check out the Web App User manual, Specifically Chapter 7.

Hi Kevin, It would be more helpful if you would think about my email before responding. If you had you would see that I already know about patterns/actions/rules, as described in the manual. What would be helpful is for you to think, hey this is a good idea. Let’s create some sample schedules (patterns/actions/rules) that we can share with the community to make it easier for our customers to use our product. Let’s explain how to shift schedules for vacations, season changes, etc.