Access LAN Web Server on via M2WEB Portal

I have used the ‘User defined home page’ on the Ewon Flexy to display an HTML file saved on the flexy’s file system before. But i am wondering, is it possible, using this setting or any other functionality, to display a web server running on a device connected to the Flexy’s LAN?

I am aware that the end user could connect to the Talk2M VPN via eCatcher and then navigate to the LAN side web server, but if possible i would like for them to be able to do it via the M2WEB portal.

Yes, you can set up a web server on the LAN to display through M2Web.

In the Ewon Properties in eCatcher, go to ‘Configure LAN Devices & Firewall’.

Then ‘Add LAN Device’.


Add the web server IP address, select ‘HTTP’ or ‘HTTPS’ and check ‘Visible in M2Web’. You can also specify a directory for a home page.


Thanks Kyle, this is exactly what I was looking for!

You’re welcome!