Access to a FTP server on the internet through Ewon Cosy 131

Is there a way to open a port to access a FTP server on the internet from the LAN of a Cosy 131?

Are you trying to access an FTP server located on the internet from a device connected to the Cosy’s LAN? This is possible if you allow LAN to WAN traffic by changing NATitf from 3 to 2 and FwrdToLAN from 0 to 1. See: How to allow Internet access for Ewon LAN devices ?

You would not need to open any specific ports as this allows all traffic to be forwarded to the WAN.

I don’t really want all the devices on the network to get out the internet. I only want to access one internet FTP site from the LAN (from one device). Is there a way to do this?

You have to either allow LAN to WAN traffic or block it. There is no way to filter the traffic, but WAN to LAN traffic is still blocked so only outgoing traffic is allowed as long as WANitfProt is set to 1 or 3. One option is to not provide DNS, so that the LAN device needs to know the IP address in order to send any traffic to the WAN.

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Thank you!