Access to devices within VPN from Linux? // Changing VPN to OpenVPN via M2Web remote-failsafe?


I’ve got a eWON Flexy 205 runnnig with 4G and a functioning VPN-tunnel accessible via eCatcher Talk2M. Also webservers of devices within the VPN are accessible if connected via eCatcher, but we (probably) need access via Linux for automatic monitoring, because using a Windows-VM is probably not possible or a mess for integrating with other services.

I already tried to access the webservers via M2Web Talk2M with configuration over eCatcher, but that does not work. Do you have a troubleshooting guide or debugging therefore?

Trying to use eCatcher with e. g. wine or PlayOnLinux also does not work.

So the last option, I see, is to use an Linux-hosted OpenVPN-server. I think I can set this up with this doc Ubuntu OpenVPN Server and Industrial VPN Router OpenVPN Client : - #59 by kyle_HMS and the forum for Q&A in general, but my question is is the configuration over M2Web remotely fail-safe? So can I try and if the external OpenVPN connection does not work immediatley, do I have a chance to reset or continue trying to configure it properly remotely? The problem is, that I will not have physical access to the Ewon Flexy in near time.

Thanks in advance!


No, you won’t be able to configure it both for your own OpenVPN server and T2M. You could put a backup configuration on an SD card and have someone on site insert the card to change over to a T2M config though.

Another option, to avoid having to use your own OpenVPN server, is using a Windows machine as host with a Linux VM, and sharing the VPN connection to the Linux machine. We have tested this with VMware running an XP VM (because some customers still require Windows XP) and set the Network adapter of the VM to operate in NAT mode (instead of Bridged Mode). Using this configuration, you’ll be able to establish the VPN connection running eCatcher from your host PC and use it inside the VM.