Accessing third Party App remote via eWON Cosy wifi network


I was wondering if I can use the eWON Cosy to setup its own wifi network so I can remotely access a third party devices app. For example and off grid power banks settings app. Also could the Cosy’s wifi network give internet access to the device to allow anyone to log into the app without using ecatcher/talk2m.

Thanks David

The Cosy can only have one WAN network at a time, so if you are currently using the Etherent for WAN, you can’t also use the WiFi.

Also, the WiFi can only be configured as a client, not as an access point. So I don’t think this is going to work for what you are looking for.

However, you can connect an Anybus Wireless Bolt RJ45 to the Cosy’s LAN port to do this. There is a Wizard in the Cosy for setting it up as an Access Point, which would give access to the LAN and internet.