Add a rein to ecatcher

I have a customer who just took over a site that uses 2 ewon devices for VPN to access the network. They just replaced the SIM cards and have an existing ecatcher account. How do I add these connections to their account?

Ewons can only be connected to one Talk2M account at a time, so you’ll first need to make sure these devices were deleted from the account they were on previously.

Once these devices are free, you can read about how to connect an Ewon to your account in eCatcher here: Ewon Technical Support - Configuration

Is there a way to factory default the Ewon units so that it removes the account? The customer took over for another company and doesn’t have access to the talk2m. I assume that is done in the ewon configuration, but I don’t have the password to access it and was hoping there was a way to reset the ewon to factory defaults and start over.

Unfortunately no. The Ewon itself can be restored to factory default, but in Talk2M the device will still be associated with an account, so you won’t be able to complete the Talk2M/VPN wizard to connect it to another account.

If you have an Ewon that is already registered to an account you don’t have access to, you’ll need to submit a ticket at for assistance.