Alarm emailing spamming users


I recently set up alarms to be sent to a group of email addresses when one of my tags hits a certain value. Our program currently has the tag as a Boolean value - when it changes to 0, an alarm email should be sent. It does this, but it will send out multiple emails in a row to every user (like 17 emails in an hour). It has become a real nuisance; we only want the email to go out once. Do i need reset the Flexy or is there some other error that would be causing this?

Is this tag configured to alarm with the built-in alarm settings, as opposed to a custom script?

Do you have the tag configured to log its value? I’d like to confirm it’s staying at 0, rather than fluctuating between 0 and 1 and therefore triggering multiple alarms.

Can you attach a support backup from this device so we can see its configuration? You can capture one from the web interface under Diagnostic → Files Transfer by clicking “Support files” at the top right.