Anybus 7013


We have been having ongoing issues with the anybus communicator. I programmed the unit which is communicating with 8 different devices on the RS485 network. Data occasionally becomes transposed with other data and/or there are failures in the response. I believe the root cause is that the anybus gateway module is interrupting responses from other devices with the next request. When this occurs a response to a query may end up in the wrong response registers.

I was hoping that cyclical communication would mean that each request is made one after the other only after a valid and complete response from the slave device. I initially had programmed the device with default times and slower baud rate. This is when I discovered the problem. Despite my effort to increase transactions per second and analyzing responses and setting times the issue seems to be persistent.

By speeding up comms at least the issue of transposed data is resolved with the next transaction of that type. I’ve also toggled the “Freeze” option for data which is corrupt so that it doesn’t wipe the registers of interrupted responses. This has helped slightly.

Here is a screen capture of an event. I’ve also attached the log for this particular event and the running configuration.

ATT00001.htm (869 Bytes)

ATT00002.htm (2.55 KB)

cp3-abc1-running.cfg (16 KB)

ATT00003.htm (230 Bytes)

Log.txt (27.8 KB)

ATT00004.htm (189 Bytes)


Hello Alex,

Looking at the included Config file i see a lot of the timing has been changed to have really short timing. This is probably causing the linking device to retry and think the messages is timing out too often.
Here is your timing:
Here are the defaults:

Can you set the timing back to the defaults and let me know if this resolved the issue?




I received a discussion request. We have been dealing with on-going issues with our (4) Anybus 7013 devices for a project. We reached out to our supplier requesting support.

Can we schedule a meeting to discuss or is the associated link available for us to contact someone anytime?

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Hello Chris,

You were invited into the topic on the forum since your email was CC’s in an email into the forum. You can see the topic here: Anybus 7013

You can respond to this email to post to the topic to post to the topic or create an account to login and post via the site.

If you would like we can schedule a meeting to for a phone call if necessary. I would recommend reading my previous post that recommended a change to your configuration.