Anybus AB4005-C initalization problem

We have spot welding machine (year of construction 2008). There is some control system to operate welding tongs with Profibus DP. We had issue that Anybus card that is mounted on SINIUS control card is not responding on Profibus.
We replaced Anybus card but it is still not visible in the bus. It cannot initialise as with previous one. Anybus card is planted on top of SINIUS-3AC-PBS-HUT.
Some photos:

My question is this little board keeps some config or it is given from bottom bigger board? Fieldbus Offline diode is solid red whole time and Watchdog LED is blinking green with about 2Hz. Is there possibility to put config on anybus board according to adresses in PLC project or somehow initialize it? (I have gsd and adress table)

How we can solve the issue?

Your best bet here would be to reach out to the manufacture of the device the Anybus was embedded into. I have seen many different models of the Anybus-s cards. The one intended for this system may be customized such require specific firmware.