Anybus AB7007 configuration retrieval

I was attempting to import an Anybus AB7007 configuration file from a working device to be imported into an ABC3007. When I attempt to upload the configuration from the AB7007 I get the warnings shown in the following picture.

After hitting OK nothing gets imported and the configuration is just the default. Is there another way to retrieve the configuration file?


I have seen similar errors when the Configuration manger software is different then the one used to configure the device. The errors appear to be related to the fieldbus side. I would expect the subnetworks configuration to still be uploaded from the ab7007. Is the AB7007 having any issues running?

The AB7007 I got the errors with had been running for 7+ year prior to me taking the opportunity of machine downtime to remove it from the machine and bring it to my office. So it isn’t surprising that I would be getting the error due to the configuration manager software being different. Five years ago I was able to pull the configuration file off of a different machine to put onto a new AB7007 (unfortunately that file was on a failed hard drive). Is it possible to get older versions of the configurator?

I am checking if i can find old versions available. I am not sure if it is necessary. Can you upload and save the configuration and share the file with us?

AB7007.cfg (16.0 KB)

Attached is the cfg file that is from saving after uploading from the AB7007. I attempted an upload using the older version of the software and I got the same errors.

Hello asink,

It looks like there is almost nothing in the file itself. You may need to recreate the configuration.