Anybus AB7007 - Standard Rslogix Code for Sending Data?


I have a Anybus AB7007-C that I’m using to communicate with a printer through RS232. I was wondering if there is any documentation for the correct/standard/recommended method of interacting with the generic Ethernet module? The manuals I’ve seen show how to setup communication with the anybus in rslogix but not how to interact.

Thanks for any information!

Hello @mjv,

We have application notes for how to add the ethernet/IP generic module to Studio 5000. Along with some setup videos. On the files and documents page for the device.

We also have a bar code scanner video that might help with setting the device up in generic mode.


I’ve read all of the application notes, they were helpful setting the generic Ethernet module up in Rslogix. They also helped getting the settings inside the Anybus correct. However, is there any documentation on how to interact with the generic ethernet module in Rslogix. For example, after data is moved into the module defined output tags, is there an appropriate time to wait before setting the trigger? Should the module defined output tag be cleared after setting the trigger? I was more wondering if there is standard rslogix rung code for interaction with the generic ethernet module.

Thanks again!

Hello @mjv,

We don’t have any documentation for best practice in reading and writing data this is in part due to the flexibility of the device and what update modes you can use. Wither ethernet/IP it is just a IO device with the internal system of the device responding the memory based off of the configuration.

The trigger can be sent right after the data is written with no delay needed. You don’t need to clear the data, it can sit in the memory until next write to be reused or over written. We don’t have any example ladder logic examples.