Anybus AB7319-B password protect


Can I get some explanation of how the password protection works in the Communicator CAN software for the Anybus AB7319-B?

I set my unit up as follows:
Module Upload Password: (password)
Module Download Password: (password)
Set Module Password on Download: Enabled

However, it still seems like I can connect to the unit and ‘upload configuration from device’ without entering the password. I would have thought that the password would protect someone from connecting to the unit and getting the configuration settings? It also doesn’t ask for the password to ‘download configuration to device’… so what does the password do?

The Communicator CAN software version i’m using is

You need to go to Tools > Options, enter the passwords, enable it, and then save and download it to your device.

by enabled, you mean this (see attached image)?
if so, I did all that but password still doesn’t seem to work.


Are you saving and downloading this to the device?

Yes, I downloaded the file to the device twice. Doesn’t seem to work unless I’m missing something obvious.

What is the serial number for the device?

Are you seeing this error when you download?


Serial # is: A03C4835
No, I am not seeing that error.

I think the reason you are not being prompted for the password is because it is already saved (cached) in your applications settings. Try opening it with another computer, or delete it from the application settings and try.

I just uninstalled Communicator CAN software from my PC, restarted my PC, reinstalled the Communicator CAN software, then connected to the device and successfully uploaded the configuration without any password required.

Do you have a screenshot of the Communcator CAN software prompting for a password? I certainly cannot seem to get it to work.


Hi Kyle,

Just checking in on this, thanks.

the password was probably still in your registry when you re-installed

If the password is set in the options menu then that password is used when interacting with the module. With a password set on the device and the options passwords empty you will receive this error but it does not prompt for a password.


Ok thanks, so I should try to connect with the Options passwords deleted to see the ‘Password is incorrect!’ error?

And can you share how to clear the registry to remove the password? Thanks

Yes. About the registry, that’s just what I suspected happened, but I can’t find it in the registry so I might be wrong.

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