Anybus AB7634-F IP issue


Recently I bought a HMS gateaway, to be specific the AB7634-F (Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP Slave- Profibus DP V1

But we are facing a problem, every 2 or 4 days, the IP is changed to default , without our intervention, any guidance about this issue ?

It’s not caused by IP conflict since we don’t have enabled DHCP and can’t be double IP.

Any idea of what can cause this ?


Hi @ismaelsaintgobain,

When you say the device goes to its default IP address what do you mean by that. The IP address is either set by the DIP switches on the top of the device:


Or through HMS IPconfig

Hi, I you were right about the DIP settings, thanks a lot, IP it’s been ok for 6 days in a row, but OPC DA is not working now, for this I should create a new topic.



Glad to see we could get that part working.