Anybus AB7647 Profinet IO not transfering through device

Hello, I have a AB7647 Profinet Slave to Device Net Master module. I have everything apearing to be correct in the configuration but am not receiving or able to send any information through the Profinet side. I am not sure quite what the issue is. I tried both EDS files, RT Migration and the RT Migration FW>=4.02. I can see through the web browsed my DeviceNet device data and see it change like it supposed to but I cannot see the Profinet data ether change through outputs in the From Network IO.



You should have an RT Standard option. This would be the module you use for newer PLC’s.


You might want to run though the setup again adding the device as described in the following app note.

Let me know the status once it is added with the standard GSD file. If you need to re-download the GSD files they are available on



I am currently trying to set up a Profinet IO to DeviceNet Master gateway connection. I seem to be having an issue with the Profinet connection. I am using a Siemens S7-300 PLC. I have tried all 3 different EDS files, the RT standard, RT Migration and the RT Migration FW>=4.02 and still don’t see any data coming across the Profinet Network. I can see the data change on the DeviceNet data change as expected but we when I change the Profinet IO in the PC I dont see anything in the Network Data IO Moniotr. Please take a look and see what I might be doing wrong.

Hi Patrick,

I think we spoke on the phone earlier, but I lost you. I"m not sure if you called back or not.

Have you changed the Data in Siemens PLC that is being exchanged with the Anybus? Is it possible that you are just seeing zeros because that’s what’s in the PLC’s memory?

What’s the status of the LED lights on the Anybus?



I have seen that section of the manual. I am using a new PLC but it is an S7-300. Does that still require me to use the RT Standard?

Yes, please use the Standard version.


I have tried changing the “Output” data from the Siemens PLC and that’s where I don’t see any data on the From Network side of the monitor in the web browser.

The status lights on the Anybus are as follows,

DeviceNet GW

GW Status – Sloid Green


NS – Sloid Green

MS – Solid Green

Run – Solid Green

Profinet IO

GW Status – Sloid Green

Link – Flashing Green

CS- Solid Green

MS- Solid Green


One question I have, is the Input/Output selection matter? Meaning Since I have Input I/O data and output I/O Data set up in the Anybus configuration manager.
Does that correlate to Input Module and output Module in the PLC? How does the Anybus device figure out Input I/O Data versus Input Record Data?

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Yes, the Input and Output data size needs to match with the PLC. The output from the PLC is the Input to the Anybus and vice versa.

I/O data is cyclic whereas Record data (Parameter Data) is exchanged using acyclic read and write requests.

A colleague informed me that this problem might be because the PLC’s internal addresses are outside of the Process Image.

You can try with using PIB instead of IB in the Watch list to determine this.

If that yields values, the solution is to either use lower addresses within the Process Image or increase the size to included the configured addresses.


Thank you for the support. I ended up changing the PLC internal addressing to a lower bit map section and also deleted the existing EDS and did a reload and I
was able to get the system working. It could have been the process image.

Thanks again

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Great - I’m glad that worked! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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