AnyBus AB7702


We are in the process of documenting cybersecurity for the device below. I’ve previously reached out about password complexity. We are now trying to confirm all the TCP and UDP ports for the devices. Per the manual, our initial answer is TCP 502 ModBus for the gateway and TCP 80 HTTP for the web server. However, some scans of the device have revealed others that we need to confirm with you since they aren’t in the manual. Can you verify they are active and what service/purpose they provide?


9/tcp open discard?

21/tcp open ftp

23/tcp open telnet Linux telnetd

80/tcp open http Boa HTTPd 0.93.15

9/udp open|filtered discard

81/udp open|filtered hosts2-ns

428/udp open|filtered ocs_cmu

542/udp open|filtered commerce

546/udp open|filtered dhcpv6-client

555/udp open|filtered dsf

573/udp open|filtered banyan-vip

610/udp open|filtered npmp-local

680/udp open|filtered entrust-aaas

762/udp open|filtered quotad

777/udp open|filtered multiling-http

808/udp open|filtered unknown

970/udp open|filtered unknown

MAC Address: 00:30:11:FB:76:5A (HMS Industrial Networks)


The only open ports are as follows:

9/tcp and udp - discard protocol
21/tcp - FTP
23/tcp - Telnet
80/tcp - HTTP

The other ports listed above are not open or used.


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