Anybus B40 PDO/ADI Submapping Names

I am using a B40 card on the ST platform and am running into an issue when trying to have the ESI generator grab the PDO/ADI subindex names from the B40.

B40 FW is 1.11
ESI Generator is 1.8.0
Driver is ABP 7.59.01 (2018-05-17) ABCC Driver 5.05.02 (2018-08-30)

In my code I have an example ADI set up as:

  { ECT_ADDRESS(0x7006), "EXAMPLE SLOT 1",             ABP_UINT8,  3, APPL_WRITE_MAP_READ_ACCESS_DESC,           { { NULL, NULL } },   appl_ExampleStruct, NULL, NULL },

the example struct is as follows:

static const AD_StructDataType appl_ExampleStruct[] =
  { "Setpoint Type A", 		ABP_FLOAT, 1,  ACYC_RW | CYC_R,  0,  { { &arrayslot[0], NULL } } },
  { "Setpoint Type B",  ABP_FLOAT, 1,  ACYC_RW | CYC_R,  0,  { { &arrayslot[1], NULL } } },
   { "Setpoint Type C", 	ABP_FLOAT, 1,  ACYC_RW | CYC_R,  0,  { { &arrayslot[2], NULL } } },

When I generate the esi file I get the top level name but not the sub name:

<Name>EXAMPLE SLOT 1</Name>
    <Name>Highest sub-index supported</Name>
    <Info />
    <Name>EXAMPLE SLOT 1.SubIndex 001</Name>
    <Info />
    <Name>EXAMPLE SLOT 1.SubIndex 002</Name>
    <Info />
    <Name>EXAMPLE SLOT 1.SubIndex 003</Name>
    <Info />

I would expect “Setpoint Type A” “Setpoint Type B” “Setpoint Type C” to be in the object name.
I can manually edit the file but wondering if this is a restriction in the B40 or do I need to turn on a specific feature?

Hi @ATDI_FCap ,
I am not sure exactly what the issue is here. 1.11 is an older firmware. I believe ADI names were handled differently then.

You should be able to reach out to your local area sales manager to request the latest firmware. You can also create a support case on but I may need to verify some details before providing the firmware.

Did updating the firmware resolve the issue?

Was working on some other projects past few days I’m going to shoot my reps an email today and try it out later this week.

Was able to test on fw ver 2.22 and the issue is fixed.
Thanks! :smiley:

Great! thanks for the update.

FYI there is 2.23 released that included some new functionality that my be required for conformance.