Anybus Bolt LTE & Mitsubishi FX5U PLC

Object is to access Mitsubishi FX5U PLC via Anybus Bolt LTE which has activated SIM card installed. I can access PLC & HMS Anybus Web server with peer to peer connection. However, when I detach CAT5 communication cable I can’t no longer access either.

Hi @KennyGuyte100,

Can you please provide more details on how this is setup?

Where are you trying to access the PLC from - the internet? Does the SIM card give you a public IP address?

PLC: Mitsubishi FX5U-32M
Gateway: Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE
Network: 192.168.1.XXX
SIM-Card: AT&T


Thanks, but that doesn’t completely answer my question. If you are trying to connect the PLC directly to the internet with the Bolt LTE, you will also need to either get a public IP address from AT&T or have them connect the SIM card to a private network that you have access to. Have you done that yet? What is the plan to access the Bolt over the cellular network?

I have a cellular at@t sim card.

Like I said, you need to get a public IP address from AT&T in order to access the device on the internet.