Anybus Bolt on L33ERM fault Kinetix 5500

Hi guys,

I’ve installing 30 anybus bolt (AWB2030).

7 machines in network doesnt work at all. All these machines has L33ERM (v24) and Kinetix 5500 in common.

Looking to that machines: I find out that the problem is: if the bolt is connected, the controller use CST to sync with the kinetix but the controller can’t connect to them (rise a fault). If I disconnect the bolt and reboot the machine. The machine works ok.

It seems like: the kinetix detect the bolt (not the controller) and not find the controller. I’ve done firmware updates in bolt and the kinetix 5500 from v5 to v7 but didn’t work. I have tested with layer 2 and 3 configs.

Have you faced some of that problems?

Hi @Rodrigo_Barbosa,

Can you describe the architecture (for example, how is the bolt connected to the PLC, what settings are used in the Bolt, is it the Access Point or Client, is it connecting to another type of Access Point or another Bolt, which Configuration Example does this resemble)?

Hi @kyle_HMS

The ethernet network has some Kinetix drives and a L33ERM cpu.

The bolt as a client of wireless OT network. The configuration image as follow.
I’ve been using “A.4 Ethernet network to existing WLAN” config.

The simple answer is that we have found this configuration (A4 Ethernet to existing WLAN) does not work with certain Access Points, and it’s very likely that this is the problem. Trying to troubleshoot usually does not work, but the easy fix is to use a second Anybus Bolt with ‘A1 - Ethernet Bridge via WLAN or Bluetooth’. This should work every time.

But it’s strange because…if I connect by wireless network I can see that CPU L33ERM and it’s work fine. If i connect by local network

The problem is in local network. It seens like the cabe port of bolt is confusing the kinetix drives because they are using (maybe) some configuration of mac and ip if it’s using layer 2 config.

When you have multiple devices to connect to the wireless network, it will work much better with the Ethernet Bridge mode, because it’s just like connecting with an ethernet cable. When connecting multiple devices with only one Bolt there can be issues with layer 2, as some 3rd party access points don’t forward the ARP traffic as needed. I have wasted hours trying to get them working, just to add a second Bolt in the end. I would recommend you save the time and use 2 Bolts.

Sure. But it’s an issue maybe from bolt. This configuration works very well on machines than doesn’t have any kinetix. The kinetix drive needs a Cordinate System Time (CST) to timestamping actions between the controller and all the drives.

So the problem starts when I connect the bolt and end when a take It from the network. Maybe the protocol between the drive and the controller is affected by the bolt in network.

When the drive start, it check in controller the CST. In my opnion, It should detect the controller but the presence of the bolt are messing up all

Right, that’s why I recommend using 2 Bolts in Ethernet Bridge mode, because the 2nd Bolt will be in transparent mode so you will no longer have that problem.